Te Papa, or “Our Place” in New Zealand

Reganne told me to check out the New Zealand museum called Te Papa or “Our Place” while I was in Wellington. Now, I’m not a big museum goer myself, but I reluctantly headed in, figuring since it was free I really had nothing to lose. And I honestly didn’t think Reganne would steer me wrong.

It turns out, Te Papa was the best and most impressive museum I’ve ever seen, even with all the museums I visited in the UK. The interactive exhibits, creative building architecture, and unique arrangement of material had a lot to do with my initial impression.

As someone used to sound bites and movie clips, it takes a lot to hold my attention. But the Te Papa museum definitely satisfied my short attention span. No matter where I looked, I found something even more unusual or fascinating to look at than the exhibit before.

Here are just a few of the photos I snapped in the hour and a half it took me to walk through the museum. (And I  didn’t stop to read any of the material in the exhibits as I wandered through since I only had a few hours until I caught the bus to Palmerston North. That should give you an idea of just how big the place is.)


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