Vocabulary Lesson


Americano = long black

Coffee with cream = flat white

pitcher = jug (when ordering beer)

liquor store = bottle shop

to go = take away (when ordering food)

french fries = chips

potato chips = crisps

bell peppers = capsicum

ketchup = tomato sauce

beer + cider + grenadine = snake bite

candy = lolli

cheap boxed wine = goon

macchiato = piccolo


bank machine = ATM

resume = CV

university = uni

post-secondary = tertiary


apartment = flat

roommates = flatmates

cell phone = mobile

elevator = lift

holiday = vacation

washroom/restroom = toilet

line up = queue

traffic circle = roundabout

flip flops = thongs

to have sex with = to root (no funny comments people; I learned this by talking about the Canadian clothing brand)

how are you + how’s it going = how you going?

pharmacy = chemist


flashlight – torch

hotel = hotel (unless you’re referring to a pub)


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