What I've been up to

Since starting work last week I haven’t had nearly as much time to devote to catching up with people and with updating my blog – my apologies everyone! In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to:

I started work last Wednesday and have been doing the typical 9-5 (ish) thing in the city. One day after work I went to Bikram Yoga in Bondi, and I was happy to see some things are the same, no matter where in the world you happen to be. Last Saturday I went my flatmate Andrew’s girlfriend’s Christmas party in Kirribilli (spelling?), a neighbourhood with a fabulous view of the Sydney harbour bridge, and learned a bit more about how Australians tend to work and play. Those of you who saw my facebook update will know that Sydney girls don’t wear pants to parties. No exceptions!

On Sunday I attempted to go to a Bikram Yoga Christmas party but ended up being smacked in the face at Coogee beach (a guy ran into me while he was kicking around a ball on the grass) earlier in the day, so the pain relievers took social drinking out of the equation. Instead I went to see Harry Potter at the Imax.

My first full week of work was “full on” as the Aussie’s like to say, and I had a couple of really intense meetings with some key stakeholders. Thursday night was the staff Christmas party. I held my own for the most part, though I probably should have done without the shots. And apparently I was queen of the ping pong table, though that part of the night is a bit of a blur. I was hit with a massive wave of home sickness on the cab ride home when the driver couldn’t find the address I gave him, but otherwise, I had a fabulous night.

I finally got paid late in the day on Friday, and it felt good to have money coming into my bank account again, rather than just going out, and it was a relief to be earning and spending in Australian dollars, rather than using my Canadian money over here, which isn’t worth as much at the moment.

Today being Saturday, I went to the North Sydney produce market to buy some slightly overpriced but very good quality groceries, got a bit frustrated trying to figure out the transit passes, and then headed to the Chatswood neighbourhood to run some errands and deal with my hair. The sun wreaked havoc on my copper and auburn, so I am now back to basic brown.

My flatmates convinced me to go out for a bit tonight, to a lovely little place called Small Bar, but I bowed out early given my massively expensive and liver-damaging night on Thursday. So that is my update for now. Off to bed…


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