Eew or eek?

Daddy longlegs spider on the ceiling in the bathroom…eew
Daddy longlegs spider right next to your toothbrush…eek
Beetle flying around the house…eew
Beetle flying in your face…eek
Cockroaches skittering across the sidewalk…eew
Cockroaches crawling out of your purse…eek
Thinking you have bed bugs…eek
Discovering the crushed bug on your mattress is actually a tick…eew

Massive cricket in the bathroom…OMFG how do people live in this place???


3 comments on “Eew or eek?

  1. I know what you mean about the bugs – never had them in bed.

    Keep the cricket it will eat some of the bugs.

    Toughen up sweetheart you are in the sunshine.

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