My one and only post for March

After my oh-so-personal last post about my love life, I haven’t written in a month. It’s not intentional. After several months of introspection I’ve just been really busy enjoying life.

Last weekend…

I went out with a couple of coworkers after work on Friday and spent all day Saturday paying for it. I never used to get hangovers – what happened? Sunday I recovered and went down to Small Bar with my coworkers, followed by dinner at a Vietnamese place next door, and then a How I Met Your Mother marathon. I passed out on the couch and then woke up at 6 a.m. Monday morning – ready for a fun-filled day at the office.

The weekend before…

Auntie Mildred was here for a visit! I met her at the airport Friday after work, and we spent a quiet evening with a light meal and glass of wine. Saturday we met up with some of her friends and took the ferry over to Manly, where we enjoyed a good meal and cold beer at the pub before wandering down to the beach and then doing a bit of shopping. It was a beautiful day and fantastic to see someone from home.

The weekend before that…

I spent in Port Stephens, near Newcastle, contemplating my next move. I’d been offered a contract extension at work, and a promotion of a sorts to a more senior level of accountability. The catch? Well, to start there was no promise of more money, so I didn’t have much of an incentive to consider the offer in the first place, but the real kicker was they needed an 18 month to 2 year commitment in order for them to sponsor me with a work visa. I couldn’t do it. So after feeling physically sick to my stomach about the whole thing for a few hours, I put it out of my head and enjoyed a sunny Saturday sailing and snorkelling, and an even sunnier Sunday on a secluded beach listening to my iPod.

As for what’s next…

I have a Skype date with Memory on Sunday afternoon that I’m totally stoked about, and I’ll be packing up a box of stuff to ship home, since I won’t need a lot of my work clothes once I start travelling. I tentatively have a girls night booked for tomorrow, but we’ll see if that pans out.

Next weekend will be my last in my place, and then I’ll be living out of a suitcase again. Between my time in the Whitsundays and New Zealand before my contract ends, it didn’t make sense to keep paying rent, so I’ll be relying on the kindness of my coworkers to put me up for a week here or there.

Oh, and that 9 to 5 bit…

I’m getting tired of the commute, I have to admit. It’s like living in Edmonton and working in Red Deer. An hour and a half each way, plus a full day at the office. It’s exhausting. The work itself is okay ,but I find the more time I spend at the company the more I am drawn into the politics, and it’s hard for me to stay detached. Still, I’m doing what I can to keep things in perspective.


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