Gobble, gobble


Wednesday, Dustin, Kim, and I went on a hike around the north end of the island. It took us a couple of hours, and though it wasn’t an especially challenging walk, it felt good to get out and do some physical activity. The hike was called the Whitsunday’s circuit and offered a few beautiful views of the other islands. We also saw a massive lizard, the first I’ve ever seen in the wild.

The guys were intent on killing a wild turkey with a coconut and then grilling it up on the BBQ, so every so often one of them would stop, whisper “gobble gobble” and then get ready to take aim at their just-spotted target. Needless to say, their attempts failed, but it was quite entertaining.


Thursday Auntie and I took the ferry over to Daydream Island for a change of scenery. The resort was clearly a more posh place than ours, but it had a decidedly stuffy, overdone air about it, leading me to the conclusion that though the pomp was impressive, I much preferred where we were staying instead.

Wandering the south part of the island, we took a look in a few of the shops and had a bite to eat at the bakery before heading back to the north side. There we saw a “living reef” that included sharks and stingrays swimming in channels alongside the walkways. One of the inhabitants looked like he was both shark and stingray, weaving the fin deceptively through the water yet looking no more than a few inches thick. After staring for a while we headed over to the pools and beach for a bit of relaxation in the sun. Having borrowed a book on reef life from the resort, Auntie and I spent several hours examining the exotic creatures listed on each page before heading back to Long Island.


Friday night I had enough liquid courage to get up on stage and do a little karaoke number with a throwback to the 80s (Cher). The experience promptly confirmed what I have always suspected but never dared explore: I am a terrible singer. Words cannot begin to describe just how bad I was. Still, it’s one more thing I can check off on the list of things everyone should do at least once in her lifetime.


Saturday was the last day on the island and it was a pretty cruise-y day. I started reading “Down Under” by Bill Bryson (published on North America as “In a Sunburned Country”). It was an entertaining read about the author’s travels across Australia, made more entertaining because I’ve visited many of the places he mentioned and plan to visit several others.

In the afternoon the on site manager Craig was an all-round good guy and spontaneously invited me to check out another side of the island, so I hopped on his quad and went off to see what else there was to explore. I ended up seeing a great view but more interesting were the insights he offered about island life and the darker side of running a resort: people getting lost on hikes, domestic disputes between couples, even a suicide attempt. Turns out Happy Bay isn’t always happy! With a new appreciation for the hospitality industry, we turned back to the main part of the island for a quiet evening.


Nothing particularly interesting happened Saturday night either, since it was quiet before the Easter rush. Instead I’m going to tell you about a cool phenomenon with the sand on the island. Because the sand contains a great deal of phosphorus, it’s entirely possible for it to glow in the dark. This meant a solid 10 minutes or so of hopping around in the sand and looking like a fool, trying to get the imprint of my shoes to trigger the glowing effect. It was well worth looking slightly crazed to check it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo.


Sunday we flew back to Sydney without event and figured it was the right day to leave…after 10 days of good weather it was starting to rain…


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