Up next: Darwin, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Perth

So, this is supposed to be a working holiday, but I feel like I’ve done more work than holiday, so it’s time to even things out. I’ve spent the last month chilling out in Sydney and Cairns, and now I’m off to explore the rest of Australia!

I’ll start by flying into Darwin, then meeting up with Adventure Tours to explore the Northern Territory. From there, I’ll head down through the interior to see the giant rock and a town built underground to shelter from the desert sun. I’ll end the tour in Adelaide, but it’ll be a bit chilly there, so I’ll fly out the next day to Perth, where it will be slightly warmer.

There, I’ll meet up with a new crew to visit the West coast, from Perth all the way up to Broome, and back again. Sadly, I’ll miss out on swimming with whale sharks, as the season ends in June and it will be July by the time I head that way, but there I’m sure there will be more than enough underwater life to keep me entertained. The coast promises lots of beaches, waterfalls, and hiking. I can’t wait!

Southern and Western Australia won’t offer hot summer temperatures,with nights cooling to 10 degrees or so, and the days hovering at around 20. The cool temperatures during the day will be nice for our hikes, but we’ll be bush camping in many places, so I’m hoping the sleeping bag they give me will be warm!

Anyway, I’m signing off for a few weeks. I doubt wi-fi is reliable where I’m going, and I’ll be too busy exploring to update my blog anyway. I might do a quick update in Adelaide, but if not, you can definitely look forward to a full update and lots of photos when I return to Cairns August 1.


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