Back to Darwin: last chance to enjoy the waterfalls

from June 30

Today was the day I thought we would have had yesterday: time to bask in the sun and go for a refreshing swim. In the morning we went to Gunlom, where we had a 150 metre vertical hike (climbing rocks straight up) to reach a beautiful watering hole and waterfall. If I were to be reincarnated in another life, I wouldn’t mind being a lizard, and being able to laze about on the warm rocks and soak up the sunshine. The sunshine was warm, and the water, refreshing. Along with Florence Falls, this may be one of may favourite experiences so far.

The rest of the day was spent driving back to Darwin for the night and was relatively uneventful.

Back in Darwin I checked into one of the worst hostels I’ve ever stayed in, called the Youth Shack. I felt dirtier coming out of the shower than going in, and the girls in my room were living there permanently, so they had their stuff spread everywhere, and they seemed to think it was perfectly acceptable to treat my stuff as their own. Thankfully  only for the night.

After checking in, I walked down to Mindle Beach, where I caught the sunset and checked out the night markets. It was packed, far busier than I anticipated, and I got claustrophobic, so I left after just 45 minutes. The fish and chips I found there for dinner was good and cheap, a significant improvement over the pizza I’d had the other night.

The markets offered lots of unique jewelry and quality, original souvenirs, but I felt too poor to buy anything. Tomorrow, I start my journey down to the centre of Australia through the outback.


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