Lake Hart: salty and explosive

from July 9

This morning we headed out of Coober Pedy and into Quorn (pronounced “corn”), which meant we had 600 km of driving ahead of us. Along the way we stopped to see a tiny town called Glendambo, as well as Lake Hart, which features sand that is made of salt.

The lake was empty and so we walked along the sandy, salty bottom until we came to a sign warning us not to continue further. It turns out Lake Hart is on the Woomera Test Range, a weapons testing area, which we discovered only after we got off the lake. Had we ignored the sign we could have potentially detonated a hidden missile or bomb. Lovely, Australians are.

We arrived in Quorn after a scenic drive through the Flinder’s Ranges, where we’ll be hiking tomorrow. Dinner was an uneventful affair, and we spent the night in our room with some music and a bottle of wine.


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