Flinders Ranges: hidden away and random sightseeing

from July 10

Today was all about the Flinders Ranges as we headed closer to Adelaide. The Flinders are a pretty area,but I don’t think they get the kudos they deserve because there are simply so many other amazing things to see in this country.

We ended the day with a drive out to Warren gorge, where we saw a yellow-footed rock wallaby, an endangered species with only 1800 left in the world. We needed to be very quiet so we didn’t surprise them and scare them away, creating a sense of quiet awe and respect for the animal in its natural habitat.

Before that we visited an original homestead in the area and saw the remnants of the buildings still standing. Some people in our group started climbing on the walls despite the signs everywhere that said “fragile. Keep off.” So disrespectful. We also visited some sheltered caves that had rock paintings on them from 32,000 years ago.

This morning we did a walk around Wilpena’s Pound (aptly named because it looks like the ground has been punched or pounded.) I opted out of the 2.5 k vertical hike and went for the 7.2 k flat walk, which was still 1 km vertical and got my heart racing. At lunch we didn’t have enough food for our guide to eat, even though he asked us to portion ourselves so everyone could get some. Most people in our group were pretty good about it but a few were greedy and just did what they wanted. I felt bad for the guide, especially since he cooked lunch for all of us.

Tonight we are going to chill out in our rooms with some wine and mellow music I think. Overall it was a good day.


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