Adelaide: a quick glimpse of the city

from July 11

Today we woke early for a walk up Dutchman’s stern, a steep hike, but when we got to the bottom we couldn’t see the hill for all the fog.  Not wanting to risk falling off a cliff, we forewent the hike and headed to Clare for a wine tasting at Seven Hills winery. It confirmed my love of shiraz, cab sav, and increasingly, merlot, while reinforcing my dislike for whites of all kinds.

When we arrived in Adelaide, we had a quick drive through the city, and my first impression was that it was quite lovely, and perhaps a place I would like to spend some time, if it wasn’t so cold at this time of year.

Check in took forever, but we eventually got settled into the YHA hostel, and then we all met up for dinner again, our last night as a group.  I wasn’t that impressed with the group I travelled with, but I am  particularly going to miss the two Dutch and German girls I befriended on the tour.

Tomorrow I fly to Perth, and the first order of business will be laundry.


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