Swan Valley: wine tasting

from July 17

I decided at the last minute today to book onto an afternoon tour of Swan Valley, an area just south of Perth famous for delectable goodness: wine and cheese at several vineyards, beer at a brewery, and yummy coffee (to sober me up!) at a chocolate factory.

I booked in at 11:38 a.m. for the 12:15 p.m. tour, and I’m surprised it worked out, but it was my last day in Perth, and I felt I should take advantage of the opportunity while I’m here.

The wine tour was both worth the money–and not. Group wine tastings are so rushed. I barely finished one tasting and the other was being poured. The “nougat tasting” was two candies offered out of a bowl, and the chocolate factory visit wasn’t even a tour of the factory, just a stop at a candy store. Still, I did have the opportunity to taste some incredible local wines.

I went for dinner with a fellow wino who I’d met during the day, and between the two of us and our purchases from the vineyards, we ended up far too intoxicated for our own good. It was a great day.


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