Alice Springs: a day to relax and chill out

I forgot to publish my post from July 4!

Today I had a free day and got to sleep in – until 9:30 a.m.! I hate early mornings but love going on tours because they force me to get up and make the most of each day. Still, a day off was just what I needed to get caught up and have a proper night’s sleep.

Alice Springs isn’t as big as I expected; only 30,000 people. I thought being so remote it would THE place to be. And I guess it is, but there just aren’t that many people around. I wandered around the one little strip of shops and sat at a coffee shop for a bit, but I didn’t find the city too remarkable.

I bought some thermal pajamas at Target for a bargain $9.98, because it’s starting to get really cold at night. I also caved and bought a backpack with a built in water system for hiking. It was more than I wanted to pay, but when I looked at the cheap versions, they still weren’t very cheap, so I figured I would get something I actually wanted and would use long-term.

After that I sat in a pub and had a beer and fish and chips, for the very reasonable price of $12. Total. I am watching every dollar I spend and looking for deals wherever I can find them. The longer I’m not working and the more I see my bank account draining, the more frugal I get. Especially because I have no promise of income anytime soon.

Tomorrow we’re back on a rigorous itinerary.


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