Western coastline: stunning. Simply stunning.

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from July 18

I started my adventure up the west coast today with an early start and a hangover from the wine last night.
After a disorganized start from the office, our guide Mick took us off to our first stop: The Pinnacles, yet another rock formation. I would’ve thought I’d be tired of the rocks by now, but they are all fascinating in their own peculiar way.

From The Pinnacles we headed to Sandy cCve (I think) to try out sand boarding. It was so much fun!  A bit like snowboarding if you have the balance and talent for it. For the rest of us, it was more like sledding. Sand boarding aside, the view from the cove was stunning.

Back on the tour bus (much more comfortable than the last, with room to spread out), we drove to our lunch spot and then geared up for a long drive in the afternoon.

The scenery was stunning. The great ocean road was nothing compared to the Western coastline, and I didn’t want to look away for even a second; the drive was so varied if you blinked you might miss something.

Coast, forest, desert, farmland, rolling hills, flood plains. It made the drive go quickly. I’ve been designated the BBQ chef for the next two weeks so I grilled up the stir fry, had a quick bite to eat, and headed off to bed, my hangover catching up with me at the end of the day.


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