Kalbarri: just the beginning of an amazing day

Kalbarri National Park

from July 19

How to even begin describing the day. I have fallen in love with Western Australia.

We started the morning with a two hour hike in Kalbarri National Park. The gorge was similar to King’s Canyon in that it was filled with lush greenery and vivid rock colours, but the comparison ends there. The walk was challenging, made so not so much by the physical difficulty but by the sand on the rocks that made both the ascent and descent slippery.

Nature's Window

After the gorge we headed to a lookout point called Nature’s Window. The walk was flat and easy, but it’s just as well, because I was too busy staring at the views to notice much where I was walking. Of course, I did manage to heed the “dangerous cliffs” warning.

After that was several hours of driving; Australia is such a vast country, and you really notice the remoteness of it when you start traveling 500 km a day for weeks at a time.

Shell Beach

We arrived at Shell Beach in the late afternoon and waded into the water for a refreshing cool down. We caught the first part of the sunset at the beach, and the rest on the way into the lodge at Denham. The drive was spectacular, filled with the richest reds and yellows and oranges lit along the skyline and reflected in the water of Shark Bay.

I could not have asked for a more perfect day.


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