Monkey Mia: no monkeys but lots of dolphins

Dolphins at Monkey Mia

from July ? (I sort of lost track of the days)

After a beautiful sunrise we set out to a place called Monkey Mia, where wild dolphins come right up to you on the beach and swim in front of you in knee deep water. It seemed bit of a tourist trap, with school holidays here in Australia and loads of families and children crowded around the water too. Still, nudging and pushing for a good view aside, I was thrilled to see how graceful the animals were in the water.

Their playtime lasted about half an hour, in whichI took close to 600 photos with the action setting on my camera. It took a few hours to sort through, but the shots I got were worth it. We spent another hour enjoying a cup of coffee overlooking the beach, with the dolphins playing further out in the water, and from there it was a full day of driving to reach Coral Bay.

We did make a few mildly interesting stops along the way: a view point of Shark Bay, which was really pretty, a rest stop at a town with an old telegraph station, which apparently was a big deal back in the day, and a short boardwalk around some stromatolites (essentially, layered limestone rocks that link life on earth to 3.5 billion years ago).

We had a bit of a room party at Coral Bay when we arrived, but it didn’t go late, what with our early mornings. We had a short game of Kings/Sociables/whatever you call it in your country before we headed down to the beach for a few drinks there. The temperatures dropped, and we were cold, so by 11 p.m. we were all back to our rooms and fast asleep.


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