Coral Beach: sunshine and manta rays

Manta rays at Coral Beach

from July something-ish

The day was pretty much ours to enjoy as we liked, so early in the morning a group of us headed down to Coral Beach to laze about for the day.

The guys had a few people who couldn’t speak English well, but they bonded while kicking a ball around, and us girls had a bit of a chat and late morning nap listening to some chilled out music on my iPod. It’s been great, this tour, because everyone except for a Spanish couple is travelling alone, which means we’re all interested in getting to know one another. So the beach day was fantastic.

We also spotted several manta rays in the shallow water of the beach, and I got some fantastic photos ops of them. It was a bit nerve wracking getting so up close – I didn’t use my zoom – but aside from a few jumpy moments when they caught me off guard, it was a real treat to see them in their natural environment.


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