Gratitude is getting harder

Today wasn’t a great day.

I was grumpy about getting up early and having to drive an hour into work. (But really, I should be grateful my car is still in good enough shape to drive after my car accident last week.)

Once I got to work, i was bored, because my new job hasn’t gained enough momentum yet. (But I should be grateful I even have a job- and the paycheque to go with it.)

My back was sore from my car accident. (But I should be grateful I am still alive, and that a sore back is the worst of my injuries.)

My medical insurance adjuster was rude to me. (I should be grateful I have better manners than she does.)

I got a not-so-polite notice on my windshield that technically i am not a “visitor” and therefore am not allowed to park in the visitor parking at the complex where I work. (I should be grateful I got a warning and they didn’t tow me.)

But for all the things I SHOULD be grateful for, am I?

Not today. But I’m grateful for the opportunity to start over again tomorrow, and maybe by tomorrow I will be.


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