5 more (edible) reasons to be thankful

I think we sometimes become so used to eating by habit that we don’t actually acknowledge the food that enters our mouths. So here are five delightful foods I’ve enjoyed – in the moment – over the past week.

1. Peanut butter. Last week I didn’t have any bread yet (restocking a pantry takes a while) but I did have peanut butter, so I decided to enjoy a spoonful on its own. Yum!

2. Pizza. A great standby when you don’t have any food in the house on moving day. Pretty sure it’s not a vegetable though.

3. Instant oatmeal. Perfect for those mornings at work when you need something to hold you over until lunch.

4. Chocolate cupcakes. I enjoyed one (okay, 2) at a girl’s night this weekend, and they were delicious. An indulgence, but well worth the calories.

5. Celery. I didn’t realize just how much I enjoyed celery until I chomped on a few sticks alongside some chicken wings at Earls the other night. I’ve vowed to eat more of it and enjoy all of its healthy goodness.


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